About Think and Grow Rich Academy

Founder and CEO of the company, Sidharth Shah, is committed to deliver success and results on
the fundamental principle that, ‘Whatever the Mind can Conceive & Believe, the Mind can Achieve’.
Think and Grow Rich Academy is India’s personal and professional growth, coaching &
development company. It offers a variety of programs, seminars, and courses that are highly
effective and produce profound results for each and every participant by altering the mindset to
consider what is possible.
Think and Grow Rich Academy represents the Napoleon Hill Foundation, USA, in India. It is the
first academic company in India to have the exclusive coaching and training right and licence from
the Napoleon Hill Foundation. With the aim of significantly improving and changing the lives of
people by improving the thinking and quality of thoughts individually, Think and Grow Rich offers
tailored courses and training across the world.
Sidharth Shah, along with Think and Grow Rich Academy is frantically working towards making
the world a better and richer place. He is changing the way people think and perceive their ideas
into reality. Most people do not realise their full potential and are not aware of the power of way
of thinking. His programs and courses, train people how to utilise the power of thinking and
working in harmony with the Universal Laws.
The way you think can work miracles if done with proper guidance and coaching and therefore,
Sidharth Shah, is also the synonym of ‘Success’ and ‘Results’ that help people become millionares
based on the ideology of Think and Grow RIch.

sidharth shah